Monday, October 23, 2006

Simple Majority

People are, for the most part, very stupid. It's through being stupid that they flock to buy the latest iPod, HD TV and high-fat, low-tasting, poor nutritious products, relentlessly marketed to them. It's through the general desire to be successful that they'll do pretty much whatever looks most fashionable, provided they're given the opportunity to believe that it has some basis in rational thought, even if they themselves, don't quite understand what that basis is.

Better still, those people who think that they truly understand something, will assume that they're being very clever for following it through. If they believe and they think that they're believing in something which is based on logic, rather than blind faith, then they're even blinder to the blindness of their faith than otherwise they would be. Who needs religion when pseudo-science can go that one stage further?

There will always be smarter people in any organisation - the sort of people who raise their hands at the end of a long outpouring of necessary bullshit and say something beginning with "Excuse me...". However, the majority of the people in the organisation will swallow your output hook, line and, sinker. This majority of simpletons, or simple majority is what you need to find when you inveigle your way into the running of the place. They're useful because they're the majority and because they can be turned into an in-group, to which the smarter people neither belong, nor wish to be associated with.


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