Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Motivational Slogans

All management need motivational slogans. Here are some examples:
  • If you're not with us, you're against us
  • Let's smash the opposition
  • Look at these people [the opposition] they want your jobs
  • We're gonna be the best, better than all the rest, no really, we are, oh yeah
  • Some projects are so bad that the people on them should be ashamed to draw their salaries
  • Look at this example of good engineering, good isn't it, we should be like that
  • Dinosaurs died out, don't be a dinosaur
  • Imagine a biscuit...
  • Discipline in everything
  • Life's not fair
  • False promises lead to false hope, so I'm promising nothing and everything
  • Let's keep things moving forward
  • Let's get out there and bang the drum
  • We're going to think outside of the box, push the envelope and drive things forwards, over the edge
  • We have the best products, even though our sales are not the best
  • We've cut the dross now, so we're raring to go
  • When we expand and go on the stock market, we'll all be rich... one day...
Maybe you'd like to suggest some of your own?


Anonymous Bill Hiccup said...

I run a small (and shrinking) Bollomics company. I find the following do wonders for staff moral.

: This time next year (Rodney) we'll all be millionaires

: Bosh!

: We dropped the ball guys

: Quality is paramount - after everything else

7:57 PM  

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