Monday, October 23, 2006

Necessary Bullshit

Bullshit is bad. It smells bad. It tastes bad. It's the unpleasant outpourings of an overfed digestive system. However, just as a farmer uses just the right amount of manure to grow his pleasant crop, so must the Agilistamalismalist feed just the right amount of necessary bullshit to his field in order to grow his reputation. Such bullshit is designed to win the hearts and minds of the simple majority.

Unlike the weighty and pungent bullshit from the bovine world, necessary bullshit is largely devoid of substance. Any graph with no axes will help, as indeed will pseudo-ML diagrams and sweetistics. The aim of the exercise is to provide a rich fecund environment in which your bogus claims, that the desirable is possible through you, can take root and grow.


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