Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Mythical Man Moth

The Man Moth is the sort of person you need in a software engineering company if you are to succeed as an Agi-beguile-erist. Agi-beguiling is the process by which you first hook a company into bring you into their employment. This takes a few forms:All of these tools work well on the right sort of person, but who is the right sort of person?

The Mythical Man Moth
Thankfully, this person is not mythical at all. They are all too real. The Man Moth spends his entire time flying towards the brightest thing he can see. Once he finds some sort of source of light, he flutters around and around it, pointlessly and tirelessly. All you need to do, is act like a source of light. Suggest new things, suggest good things. The Man Moth is attracted to the shiny bright idea and you're full of it.

Then, you can stand back in amusement, as the Man Moth eventually extinguishes himself in the flames of the fire you fanned in his organisation.


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